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Pre Installed Spy Phone for a Stress Free Surveillance

Order one of the iPhone Spy Phones with us.

Our qualified technicians will start preparing your device in our office, as soon as your order is finished. The device will be prepared, pre-installed, pre-configured, wrapped and send over to you within 3 to 5 working days with TNT Express. The device will be jailbroken by us to allow you to benefit from all the features that are being offered by the Spy App vendor.  Not all iPhones can be jailbroken, if it’s not the case we foresee to set up the monitoring via the iCloud. Once the jailbreak is possible then we offer a free swap.

All iPhone Spy Phones will be shipped discreetly. The device comes in the original box, with the original cables, ear buds, quick start guides and anything else the manufacturer has put in the box. Of course we will send you an Email with all necessary information so that you can track the parcel and also login to your Spy App Dashboard. We will handle it all in a dedicated Ticket System which you can also use to ask us questions, in case you couldn’t find your answer on our page. All Spy App provider do have a modern dashboard layout which looks pretty on desktop PCs and mobile devices as-well. The next thing you want to do when you receive the Spy Phone at your doorstep, is to plug in a SIM card and login to your account. The device is ready on arrival. Most media files, like images, videos and recordings can be played directly from the browser without the need of additional tools or plug-ins.

The most common iPhone Spy Software Features are Call Logs, Call Recordings, Ambient Recording, SMS, Track GPS, Read all Chats and Emails, Internet Behaviour, Remote Control, Copies of Pictures and Videos, reading Chats from most Social Media Messenger applications and many more. The tricky part for you is to choose the Spy Software that suits you best. Our technical team are of course professionals in the matter and can advice you.

The iPhone Spy App that suits you best

Since we let you choose the Spy App / Spy App vendor, you surely want to know which main functions are being delivered by which company. We have pulled some details for you, which we think, you should be aware of.

  • If you like Call Interception, you should rather choose FlexiSPY. But instead of intercepting the calls, you would perhaps prefer the call recording features of FLEXImobile. FLEXImobile does also offer the recording of Calls from the most popular Messenger Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. But that’s up to you.
  • If you’d like to have a copy of almost all social media such as Yahoo Messenger, Copy of Passwords, SnapChat, Tinder, Hike, Instagram, and all the common ones, you’d go for FlexiSPY
  • If Call Recordings on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Skype and also normal calls are important then you definitely choose FLEXImobile.
  • Know that mSpy does not have offer Call Recording, and has less features then FlexiSPY and FLEXImobile.
  • Know that n1SPY has a 6 months license option, but you can always remotely renew your license (for any subscription in fact)

Please have in mind, we install and prepare the spy phones for you with your preferred Spy App. To get a full picture of all features for each Spy App vendor, feel free to click one of the buttons below.  However our summary above is a trustworthy representation of all apps meant to make your life easier.  Thanks to our analyse you avoid waste of time.

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