Devices at Spyphone.Software are all designed to be used legally only. At any time, you must notify the device user that the device is being monitored. It is the responsibility of the buyer of the offered software, to ascertain and comply with all applicable laws in the country regarding the use of spy phone software. If you are in doubt, please contact your lawyer before using such. By purchasing a Spy Phone with Spyphone.Software, you agree to use the product only legally.

With your order, you give Spyphone.Software the order to modify the ordered device (s). In order to get the best possible result of the installed Spy Apps, the devices of Spyphone.Software are rooted and / or jailbroken. Due to the modification to the devices, cancellation of your order is not possible!  A normal EU warranty is provided by the manufacturer. For damage caused to software or hardware due to the root or jailbreak Spyphone.Software does not take any responsibility.

With your order you accept the license terms, conditions of use, liability committee and terms of the respective Spy Apps offerers. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for the use of the software. You also acknowledge that neither FlexiSPY, FLEXImobile, n1Spy nor mSpy nor any of its agents, affiliates, directors, employees and employees are held liable, or responsible for any kind of damages, legal disputes or other legal action that may arise from any legal or illegal use.

SPYPHONE.SOFTWARE provides only the service of installing your selected software on the ordered device. You are obliged to follow the disclaimer on the website (flexispy, fleximobile, mspy, n1spy). You are responsible for misuse or damage you may be causing with the spy phones. You as a buyer of a Spyphone at Spyphone.Software also agree to use the Spy Phone you ordered at any time for legal purposes only. Check the legislation in your country or consult a lawyer in case of doubt.

Spyphone.Software Spy Phones are customized to customers order. Return of the goods or cancellation of the order are excluded. In case of doubt, our agents are available to you via chat or ticket.

When you buy a Spyphone.Software Spy Mobile Phone, you agree to be bound by this.

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