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In times where Apple, Google, Samsung, LG and almost all other cell phone manufacturer are trying to lock down their phones, it becomes sometimes nearly impossible to unlock these devices to achieve administrator permissions on the device to get the most features out of a monitoring application on a smart phone. – That’s why we created Spyphone.Software

Spyphone.Software will take care of this. Pick a phone in our shop, choose the Spy App you wish to be installed on it, and we will prepare the device. Don’t worry about rooting of an Android phone, or jailbreaking of an Apple iPhone. These tasks are included in our procedure. The device you will receive will be completely prepared for the best experience with your chosen Spy App.

License included

Before you order, you can choose which Spy App you want to be installed on the device. You will also see how long the license will be activated. Please make sure that you get in touch with us shortly before your license is about to expire and has how you can extend it. We can remotely extend without the need to get the device at hand.

Remote control the Spy Apps

Usually all Spy Apps are able to receive commands remotely from the Spy App Account. Changing settings for the Spy App or issuing remote commands are mostly being done remotely and online. No need to send a SMS to the device without worrying whether the SMS will be shown up on the device or not.

Spy App Updates

All vendors to provide updates for their applications. Certain provider offer an auto update feature, which will allow updates to be installed as soon as they have been released. In case your preferred Spy App vendor does not have AutoUpdates available, you would need to get the device at hands to install the updated spy application on the Spy Phone.

Professionals @ Work

Spyphone.Software has professional technicians at work who will install and prepare the Spy Phones with your preferred spy application. Afterwards the Spy Phone will wrapped carefully and shipped discretely to your doorstep via TNT Express.

Choose your Spy Software

FLEXImobile Spy Apps

The biggest advantage of choosing your preinstalled spy phone with FLEXImobile on it that, besides the ‘normal’ call recording, you also have VOIP call recordings on Android. Which is great! WhatsApp Calls, Messenger Calls, Skype, LINE & Viber Calls are recorded and send as an audio file to the online panel. You can listen to the Recorded Calls and Ambient Recordings whenever suites you. On Android, we install the software is such a way that even a reset of the phone does not interfere with the performance of the surveillance software in most of the cases.

FlexiSPY Spy Apps

Price is little higher but it has exclusive spy features such as call interception and a password cracker. SnapChat and Tinder is also available for Android. Exclusive is the monitoring of Yahoo Messenger, Hike and Instagram. FlexiSPY pre installed spy phones come with a 12 month license.

mSpy Spy Apps

mSpy is a popular spy software due to it’s huge amount of affiliate sites, that is mostly the reason why we also offer it. mSpy has a Keylogger function available for Android and iPhone. Disadvantage of a Keylogger is that all data is mixed up, you don’t really have an clear overview. Snapchat Monitoring and Tinder are also available for Android. Be careful, there is no Call Recording option with mSpy!

n1SPY Spy Apps

n1SPY is a reliable spy software as well with lots of features at a lower price. If you need only a short license of 6 months instead of one year, this is your choice. Also with call recording available for VOIP calls! n1SPY preinstalled spy phones come with a 6 months license.

In general, Spy Software is designated for parental control and to monitor employees. Other usage is not authorized. We are not responsible for abuse and misuse of the Spy Phone. Consult your attorney in case of doubt. Click here for the full disclaimer

Confident Spy Application Data

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